A New Design for a New Year!

Starting the year off right with a refresh of my andrewheins.ca. The old design wasn’t properly implemented, and I wanted to test a few more modern practices with this site.

Designing Content-First

If you’ve ever been to this site before, you’ll notice that I didn’t have a ton of content. That won’t necessarily change, but the content that is here should be accessible. The new site design focuses on getting the content I’ve got in your hands as effectively as possible.

Better Implementation

Because the old site was a quick hack from flat file over to WordPress, much of the wonderful functionality of WordPress was ignored. The search didn’t work, the 404 page was useless, and the things that make WordPress the best CMS in the world weren’t utilized. You’ll now find that the site makes use of many of the finer things WordPress offers.

Cleaner Code

Another artifact of the old site architecture was the code. The HTML and CSS wasn’t maintainable, as I’d quickly ported the code over from a custom flat file format. The new site code (conveniently available on GitHub for your perusal) is easier to maintain and takes advantage of ¬†cleaner CSS, JavaScript best-practices, and more modular PHP.

Hopefully the site should serve me better moving forward, and that just might give me the little push needed to update more.

Happy 2012!

Posted January 8, 2012 at 11:04PM